Welcome to our Instruction Guides page for MPA Industries

Here you will find step by step instructions to help guide you when installing your Tailmate or Stepmate. Simply find your vehicle in the lists below and click the link.

Instruction Guides

Tailmate Instructions

Click on the link below to download PDF instructions.


* Please Note:

Tailmate has been designed and engineered model specific for the most accurate fit. However, some modifications may be required if your vehicle has been fitted with any OEM or aftermarket products that interfere with your tailgate.



Stepmate Instructions

Stepmate installation guide PDF click here


* Please note: 

While Stepmate is designed to fit 90% of vehicles, there may be some variations in previous and current vehicle tow bar configurations that could require you to upgrade your towbar tongue or check your current tow bar tongue and towing capacity before flipping your towbar around. It is always recommended to consult with a professional and follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation and use of any towing equipment. You can also speak to one of our Stepmate technicians should you have any questions before your purchase.

Stepmate is not liable for any damages or injuries resulting from improper installation or use.