Ford F150 Instructions

Step 1:
Unpackage and check the following are in the box
1x Tailmate
1x Alcohol wipe
1x Rubber strip

Step 2:

Remove the factory 2 screws on each side of your tailgate plate as per below.

Step 3:

Using the alcohol surface cleaning wipe, clean along the front edge and back edge of the tailgate so it is free from any dust or dirt.


Step 4:

Apply the rubber trim on the front and back edge of your Tailmate as per below.


Next carefully peel back one corner of the double sided tape film underneath the rubber strip.

Line up your Tailmate with the factory holes on your tailgate as per below.

Step 7:

Fit all 4 factory screws back using a phillips head screw driver or cordless drill. To make sure your Tailmate remains aligned whilst installing make sure you fit one screw on each end to keep it in place. Then proceed to fit the remaining two (2) screws.

Slowly peel off the double sided film all the way across to the other end of the rubber strip.
Step 8:
Once you have completely peeled off the film from the double sided tape be sure  to press down along the rubber strip to ensure it sticks properly on the tailgate. 
Your rubber strip on your Tailmate should now look like this below.

Step 9:

Your Tailmate installation is now complete. Enjoy! :)



Static electricity can ignite fuel vapors when filling portable containers. Approved containers must be removed from the vehicle and placed on ground when filling.